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Video Resources

This video has been produced in the hope that it will make These Precious Little People even more accessible to those in need of it. For some bereaved families who wish to share the book with their children their grief is so intense or raw that it can be a struggle to read the words out loud themselves without becoming overwhelmed with emotion. Those with their own copy at home can play the audio whilst looking through the book together. Anyone who has not yet obtained a copy can freely access it online and if you prefer to read the text yourself you can simply play the video on mute and read along.


We hope many people will find this resource useful so please feel free to share. 

We would also be grateful for your comments if you find this resource useful.

You are also welcome to leave a review on Amazon UK, GoodReads, social media, and/or make a small donation to Joel The Complete Package - all are truly appreciated.

We were asked about a Spanish version some time ago, and although it is not possible to make one available in print at this time, we hope that this resource will prove helpful to Spanish speakers. Many thanks to all the kind and generous volunteers who helped make this Spanish version possible.


If you are able to assist in producing other language versions please contact us.


Hace algún tiempo se nos preguntó acerca de una versión en español, y aunque no es posible tener una disponible impresa en este momento, esperamos que este recurso sea útil para los hispanohablantes. Muchas gracias a todos los amables y generosos voluntarios que ayudaron a hacer posible esta versión en español.

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