"A lovely book and one which is much needed. It can be easy for adults to try and protect a young child from the realities and emotions of the loss of a baby but... they need explanations and to be talked to about it as much as adults do. I think other parents who have experienced baby loss will find this book invaluable" - Cath - BattleMum

"I had twins and one didn’t survive and the pain really never goes away, but what the author wrote about the child always being with you is so true! Kudos to the author for writing a supportive book on this important topic" - Nancy

"It is such a beautiful resource to have in such a hard time, and amazing for someone to tackle it so thoroughly that we don’t have to go it alone" - Kita

"It is amazing how far we’ve come from keeping these situations secret and grieving in private, to being open and discussing it and marking the dates on our calendars. I am so happy that we are able to share in each other’s grief. That’s the fastest way I know to healing" - Terri


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