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Frequently asked questions

Q: What age group is the book suitable for?

A: All ages! The book was written so that it is suitable even for very young children, but it is something that can also bring comfort to older children and even adults.

Q: Is the language used in the book reflective of any particular beliefs?

The book was written so that it can compliment any beliefs that the family hold. The author has deliberately not included any references to religion or ideas for what happens after we die, aside from to say that these precious little people can live on in the memories of those who love them. Families are therefore free to discuss any further ideas or beliefs that they have with their child as they feel appropriate.

Q: Is this book just for siblings of the baby who died?

A: This book was written to support ANY child affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy or soon after birth - whether that be a sibling, cousin, other family member, or family friend. The text was carefully written to reflect that these babies are special to those who love and care about them and makes no mention of that being because of a blood connection.

Q: Is this book suitable for children who knew about my baby if I suffered a miscarriage or my pregnancy came to an end due to the advice of medical professionals?

A: Yes, absolutely. The book was written (and the text carefully phrased) to offer support and comfort to children grieving the death of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, during labour or soon after birth, and for any reason.

Q: How do I donate a book to a support group or hospital in memory of a baby?

A: Firstly, thank you for your generosity in thinking of helping others in your time of grief and pain. We hope that this is a resource that reaches as many people as possible so we are incredibly grateful that you want to assist us in that mission. Simply contact us after you have made payment for a copy or copies and let us know the delivery address you want your order sent to. We can handwrite a dedication to your baby inside the front cover and the author can sign a copy, or it can be left blank if you wish, just let us know.

Q: Is this book suitable for children who have been affected by the death of multiple babies?

A: Yes. If you are unfortunate enough to have been affected by multiple losses (perhaps of twins/triplets, recurrent miscarriage, and/or stillbirth), then the text in this book will not make you feel as if it could not apply to your situation. It is our belief that all precious babies gone too soon deserve to be remembered and honoured, and it was the author's intention to help all families feel comforted and included when reading it.

Q: Is the book suitable for children born after the death of the baby (e.g. rainbow babies)?

A: Yes. The text makes no reference to when the death of these precious little people occurred. It can help explain to children born afterwards (including siblings, i.e. rainbow babies) what happened, about their continued importance in the family, and how and why they are remembered, just as much as it can bring comfort to those more recently bereaved.

Q: Where is the best place to order from?

A: The book is available from Amazon UK, however, the best place to order from is the Joel The Complete Package online shop - it's cheaper for you and more of your money goes to charity! Joel The Complete Package has very generously supported this book coming into being, and all money raised by its publication will be used to help them continue the wonderful work they do supporting families through the heartache of losing a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes. We have sent hundreds of copies overseas - copies can be posted out to you anywhere in the world. If ordering single copies from the Joel The Complete Package online shop P&P within the UK is £2.50 and international P&P is a flat rate of £6. If arranging bulk order discount through direct communication via email P&P will be calculated according to the shipping charges related to the weight, size and value of each order as well as the country of destination.

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